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Spring Hill Eyecare: A Natural Fit

Being an active member of their community is part of doing business for the team at Spring Hill Eyecare in Spring Hill, Tenn. “Spring Hill Eyecare is a very community-aware practice. Throughout the year, there are several community organizations we raise awareness for by inviting our patients to help support,” says Optical Manager Amie Robinson. These include the Spring Hill Public Library Summer Reading Program, as well as ShowerUp, an organization that provides shower services and personal care for those in need. Spring Hill Eyecare is also a member of InfantSEE®, a program of Optometry Cares-The AOA Foundation, and offers no-cost comprehensive infant eye exams to any baby ages six months to one year, regardless of income or insurance coverage.

This year, the practice has added Walman Optical’s Kids With a Vision program to its community outreach efforts. Kids With a Vision raises funds to provide vision services to children in need. For every pair of digitally surfaced lenses treated with non-glare treatment produced by Walman Optical labs purchased by participating eye care professionals through December 31, 2020, Walman will donate $5.00* to Essilor Vision Foundation, a non-profit organization that strives to give children a brighter future by helping them see the world clearly. The funds raised through Kids With a Vision will support the organization’s efforts to provide vision care for children in underserved communities in the U.S. who otherwise would not receive crucial vision exams and glasses. “Because giving back is so important to us, Kids With A Vision was a natural fit,” Amie adds.

Spring Hill Eyecare’s patients are enthusiastic about the program. “Patients are very pleased to know that while investing in a premium product for themselves, they are contributing to something greater by helping someone in need,” Amie shares. “The knowledge that they helped give someone the gift of vision with their purchase is a little extra pride they wear each day.”

Amie encourages other practices to support Kids With a Vision. “Do it! There really is no good reason not to participate. It truly is a wonderful program.”

* Excludes outsourced and previously discounted products

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*For every pair of digitally surfaced lenses with non-glare treatment produced by Walman Optical and purchased by participating ECPs from 1/1/2020 through 12/31/2020, Walman will donate $5.00 to the Essilor Vision Foundation. Excludes outsourced or previously discounted products.

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